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InveRegio’s investing division focuses on actively investing & managing proprietary and third party funds with the objective to capitalize on sound opportunities within the Real Estate business.

Then, in 2004 we shifted our focus and surprised the residential market by launching Torre Miravalle, at the time, the largest, tallest and most successful residential development in Monterrey. In 2005, we ventured into the high-end vacational arena by developing a closed community of 136 second homes with Marina & Sports Club. We then began looking to capitalize on the fast growing market for Corporate Offices in Monterrey by launching our Commercial Buildings unit in 2007, which has now become our most prominent business activity, having successfully developed over 125,000 sq.m. (1,300,000 sq.ft.).

Currently we are planning and developing commercial and residential real estate projects within Monterrey and its metropolitan area; working along side with partners, investors, institutional clients and final users.


We are a team of professionals that integrates the activities of Real Estate Development and Investment with passion and commitment, improving every day, guided by our principles and constantly seeking to create more value for our customers and investors.


We are the most trustworthy and profitable Real Estate Development Group in Mexico.

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